Sir Dom John releases Stones, Acoustic Guitar with Lyrics

February 10th 2014, just four days before Valentine’s, our resident heart-throb “Sir Dom John”, one of the two notorious Space Bards, and a Master Bard of Poets’ Circle, releases his Shroud of the Avatar Community Exclusive: an acoustic and lyrical interpretation of Stones by David “Iolo” Watson (@DavidRWatson2 on twitter), a tune quite familiar with any Ultima fan through out the decades.

You should follow Dom on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook or visit him (and Dan of course) at because there is plenty more to come from this rising star.

Writing Sir Dom a poem for the Hearts of Britannia Valentine’s Day Poetry Slam! Competition could win you one of two grand prizes. So make sure to get inspired before the deadline (10am PST Feb 13th) which gives plenty of time for our judges to decide the winners!


Enjoy the song!




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