VIDEO: Lord British & The Bards of Poets’ Circle: 1 Hour Community Feature (Click-Thru)

The Bards of Poets’ Circle Guild was honored to be a guest of Richard Garriott on Portalarium’s 12 hour telethon celebration of hitting their five million dollar fundraising mark. In this discussion we celebrate accomplishments for the soundtrack, and talk about the future of our Bards! Pull up a seat, friends, fans, patrons all — and join us for this spectacular hour long introduction to the Poets’ Circle!

Grand Duke Kailef Playlist

Poets’ Circle is happy to present the second of its member showcases.

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Holt Ironfell Playlist

Poets’ Circle is happy to present the first of its member showcases.

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“The Poets’ Circle […] is to me the gold standard of community contribution and connection between a crowdfunded/crowdsourced project team and the community itself.”

Richard Garriott
aka Lord British

Jarrod Kailef Receives ONBE!

A great moment for Jarrod as Lord British initiates him into the Order of the New Britannian Emprie, forever securing his recognition as a contributor to the game.

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Holt to Write 100k for NaNoWriMo

National Novel Writing Month is once again here, and this November of 2014, Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell is writing “The Wyrd of Holt“, the first novel of stories with an overarching, twisted plotline and wicked characters. Cheer him on by supporting him on PATREON!

Poets’ Circle Approved Playlist

A playlist containing all the music formally approved by Poets’ Circle for Lord British’s Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtue.


Hearts on a String [Story]

A careworn bard sets out to rescue his true love, and their rise to fame and fortune is marked with both death and dark magicks. Told by Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell, the fifth short story in the ‘Before the Moongate’ series.

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Lord British’s Magic Coin

A parable, written by Sir Holt Ironfell, & narrated by vocalists Sharm, Grand Duke Kailef & Lord Baldrith.

Holt Ironfell – By Shattered Moonlight (feat. Sharm)

A collaboration between Holt & Sharm with in-character soundbyte.


Echoes of the Last Laugh [Story]

A vigilante jester always has the last laugh, until he runs into an enemy with just as big a grin as his, in this psychotic and chilling tale of murderous rampage. Told by Grandmaster Bard Holt Ironfell, the fourth short story in the ‘Before the Moongate’ series.

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Holt Ironfell – Dance of Fawns

This is a very special song for Holt. It’s also a little frantic and sad, but the best music sometimes is.

Holt Ironfell – Is All Well In Braemar?

The 2nd theme variation for the Braemar Zone.

Ember Isolte – The Wisps of Braemar (with Holt Ironfell)

A collaboration that will set the tone for the entire zone (?) surrounding the town of Braemar.

Sir Dom John releases Stones, Acoustic Guitar with Lyrics

February 10th 2014, just four days before Valentine’s, our resident heart-throb “Sir Dom John”, one of the two notorious Space Bards, and a Master Bard of Poets’ Circle, releases his Shroud of the Avatar Community Exclusive: an acoustic and lyrical interpretation of Stones by David “Iolo” Watson (@DavidRWatson2 on twitter), a tune quite familiar with any Ultima fan through out the decades.

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