Grand Duke Kailef Playlist

Poets’ Circle is happy to present the second of its member showcases.

This playlist showcases the work of Sir Jarrod Kailef, ONBE, Grand Duke, and Master Bard of the Guild. Kailef has been more than integral to the success of this Guild, and bringing music into the world of New Britannia. Without him, much pains might have come to the project. He also climbed the ranks from Apprentice to Master, following the traditions and rituals described as proper to the initiative taking, merit seeking bard.


More to come, Richard Daskas. Anyone who has contributed 10 tracks to the game and or Poets’ Circle projects is qualified to become a Master Bard, and sit on the Council. The ordering of these songs is subject to change, but will include both Shroud of the Avatar works, and related music.




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